Debt Restructure

Here we would like to explain the process which has helped thousands of South Africans get out of debt!

In 2007 a new Act was passed called the National Credit Act (NCA). The purpose of the Act was to regulate how credit is granted, who can give and get credit and what can be done if people have problems paying for their debt.

In the NCA there is a particular section (Section 86) which deals with what to do if a consumer has too many debts, too many obligations and not enough money to pay for everything. This section specifically refers to debt counselling also known as debt review. A Debt Reviewer would be registered with the National Credit regulator. Over time the National Credit Act has been updated or amended (by the National Credit Amendment Act 2014) which helped make debt review even more effective.

Our goal is to clarify how things can be changed to improve your financial situation. If you have been under debt pressure, you should surely have tried to adjust your budget spending. You may even have discarded a few of your utmost required necessities. It is good practice to reduce your monthly living costs, but where to cut and what to keep?

YOUR financial situation to this world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.

Benefits of Debt Restructuring

There are multiple benefits to Debt Review:

  • One fixed monthly payment
  • No more creditor follow-up calls
  • Avoid blacklisting
  • Financial rehabilitation
  • Extended payment periods
  • Allows everyone to be satisfied as the consumer will be able to pay back the debt in small affordable amounts

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